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Steiner Waldorf Schools/Institutions & Pupils
Locations Pupils Ages
Early Childhood Education  No data  No data 1-6
Single Structure Education** 23 4.305 6-16
Primary Education No data No data No data
Secondary Education 7 671 16-19
Special Needs Schools  4  135  No data
Total  5.111
 ** One of the models of organisation within compulsory education in European countries is single structure education. In this model, education is provided from the beginning to the end of compulsory schooling, with no transition between primary and lower secondary education, and with general education provided in common for all pupils (source: The Strucuture of the European Education Systems 2015/2016).
Teacher Training
Number of Institutes 1
Type Academical, 3 years
Cities Oslo
E-mail of contact person
 National Association
 Address Josefines gate 12, 0351 Oslo, Norway
 Phone +47 22 542 540
 ECSWE representative
Cathrine Nordlie +47 22 542 540
To compare with the national educational system, see Eurydice: The Structure of the European Education Systems 2015/2016
Note: the data above was last updated for the school year of 2014/2015.

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